History of the Campeche

The district of the Campeche was created by law n.º 4805/95 of 21/12/1995, its area is of 35.32 km2, was separate of the districts: Brook of the Island and Lagoon of the Conceição. The following localities are part of the Campeche: Mount of the Rocks, Beach of the Campeche, Campeche and River Tavares. The origin of the locality is tied with the bloom of a small agricultural nucleus, whose headquarters called River Tavares. The first occupations must have occurred in the neighborhoods of igrejinha of Sebastião de Mato de Dentro, also call of Are Sebastião of the River Tavares.

The term Campeche called only the island existing, having the name if extended later for the beach and to the current locality of the River Tavares. It has different versions on the origin of this name.

One of them justifies that the name drift of a tree or shrub, the wood - Campeche whose corante wood was employed in would painting.

Another version points the name Campeche as one corruptela of the French expressions "Camp" , " Peche". " Camp" in the field direction, encampment or arraial of fishing, indicating the region of the great catarinense island sobrevoada by French aviators who had used that old field of landing in the Campeche.

Before the Frenchmen arriving and constituting a Field of Landing - the first “local airport” - the region was known as pontal, Weeds of Inside, Field I remove, etc. With the new activity promoted for the means of transportation route, the Frenchmen turn the Island the Campeche, there close to the beach, and had started to recognize all the region of that plain for the name of Campeche. These Frenchmen were part of the Cia. Latecoere, a French company of air mail that possuía a field of landing in Florianópolis, between 1927 and 1935. Amongst the pilots we can detach the Frenchman Antoine Marie Saint - Exupéry, also writer of innumerable workmanships as to the antológico “the Small Prince.”

In the Campeche they are distinguished as ecological reserves overthrown by the city the Lagoinha of the Chica and the Small Lagoinha.

It fits to detach in the historical quantity - architectural of the locality the fundacionais landmarks represented by the set formed for the church of Are Sebastião, Theater The holy ghost Espirito Santo and Santa Cruz, that retrace the middles of century XIX and translate the origin luso - açoriana of the local povoamento. The Campeche still has its original nucleus in expansion but surrounding conserve typical pacato of the fishing villages.

The Institute of Urban Planning of Florianópolis conceived a complete project for the creation of the first Technological Park of transport of the region of the great Florianópolis, that will have to be installed in the region of the Campeche, in the locality of the Farm of the River Tavares.


Beach of the Campeche

Logwood The extensive beach of 3800 meters has the name of the Island: Campeche. It was the first field of landing of the Island of Santa Catarina between 1927 and 1935, consisting in daily of the navigator and the famous writer, Saint- Exupéry. Its waves are strong, but they do not righten the fishing that visit the island in front.





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the monthly periodical, PARROT, edition n.º 20,
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